Corporate Offerings

We develop, customize and schedule all corporate classes, workshops and trainings based on your individual needs and objectives. The first step is to meet with you to gain a full understanding of your current wellness program through a series of interviews, meetings and observations and then we will present a full overview of how we think we can help.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do.



Learn simple breathing practices to calm, re-calibrate or refresh the system.  Learn how to tap into the breath to refocus and calm the mind.  


Mindful Movement practices including active, passive, restorative and chair yoga to keep the physical body healthy and more vibrant while reducing injury from unhealthy movement patterns or lack of movement throughout the day. 


Learn simple and practical mindfulness meditation techniques rooted in ancient wisdom teachings to soothe and concentrate the mind, manage and reduce stress, improve interpersonal communications and open up to boundless creativity and inspiration.


Our quarterly or annual continuing education and/or team building workshops will be customized to the specific needs within your organization so that your team can learn how to start practicing simple and effective mindfulness-based techniques right away. Once everyone in introduced to the foundational methods, Studio Be will continue to provide advanced trainings to keep your employees grounded, inspired and attuned to internal and external goals and objectives.

Off-Site Retreats

Day long, Three Day or Five Day team building or custom retreats on or off-site will take your team out of their comfort zone and into nature to reconnect with the earth, calm the mind and to reconnect with their own authentic wisdom.  It is only through a deep connection within our center that we are able to access abundant creativity, grounding and focus.   Truly transformative!