Center Your Organization

How you show up in your life matters. How your employees show up in their work matters. How would your business change if everyone showed up with full presence, interest and attention?

What if your organization created the space for your employees to not just survive, but thrive? Imagine your sales teams with the ability to actively listen to your clients with clear attention while staying attuned to inner confidence with increased focus, concentration and steady resilience. Imagine an environment where your executive team leads from a deeper authenticity, where they feel more aligned with their inner wisdom and trust their gut.

All of this is possible for any company with a willingness to reconsider what it means to lead. A willingness to look deeper, to shift the focus from the outer goals and financial objectives to an inner knowing and appreciation of what is; to look inside your organization to see what’s there. Transformation is possible for anyone and any organization -- if the organization is willing to place more value on it’s employees and encourage them to take pause to fully develop, grow and lead uniquely in order to rise to their fullest potential.

Meet your CENTER and reclaim the energy and integrity of your corporate mission.

Through simple, yet transformative mindfulness-based strategies, practices and methods, Studio Be will guide you in this transformation taking your business from a place of overwhelming deadlines, work and stress, to a place where you and your team can…

BE efficient… BE productive… BE curious… BE inspired… BE creative… BE challenged…

BE centered… BE connected and ALIVE

corporate mindfulness strategies

Classes, Workshops, Retreats

Our offerings are specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Identifying Internal Ambassadors

We help you identify people within your organization who we will train to become Mindfulness Ambassadors, leading instruction and guiding others to stay rooted in a strong, daily practice for the benefit of all. It works.

Executive Coaching and Team Building

An executive who is grounded and mindful offers a level of strength and presence that encourages employees to excel and grow. Our mindfulness-based Executive Coaching is designed around individual interests and goals. We offer weekly, monthly or quarterly one-on-one sessions to stay on track with your inner practices with guidance and advice to stay grounded and inspired.